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How To Find Your First Paying Clients As A New Freelance Writer

You are a fresh out of the box freelance independent writer.

You’ve begun your business professionally with business cards, registered your name, perhaps purchased a domain name that you will use to create your site.

The fear is, you’re presumably pondering where those first customers are going to originate from, not just the principal customers, the primary paying customers.

So how would you as a starting freelance author, really discover customers who are willing to pay you for your services?

In this article, you will learn two methods that you can use to locate your first paid customers in the briefest measure of time conceivable.

Method #1: Convey A Letter Of Presentation

In this method, you are going to sort out a basic one page letter, presenting your new organization and the services that you offer.

It is a smart idea to begin locally with this letter since a large portion of your prospects could be discovered right in your own backyard.

As of right now, you ought to know who you plan to target since one of the initial phases in beginning any business endeavor is choosing who you will offer your services. At this moment you will make a rundown of those individuals. Consider where they work, who they serve, and how your services will be of advantage to them.

This letter of presentation ought to include your contact information, a business card attached and make some offer to get the prospect to get in touch with you, perhaps offer them a discount off, of their first job with you or something of that nature.You are going to need to monitor who you send the letter to with the goal that you can follow-up in a couple of days.

You ought to follow-up with a telephone call to guarantee that the letter was received and if you can set up a time to come in and converse with the individual whom the letter was tended to.

On the off chance that you have an email address, you can likewise follow-up with the individual by means of email to set up an appointment.

Method #2: Connect With Prospects Via Social Media

You would be amazed at what number of your numerous friends in your social media channels know of somebody who could utilize your services as an freelance author.
Depending on the types of services you plan to offer, basically striking up a discussion could actually result in a paid writing opportunity.

A sweet spot to discover customers online is Facebook.Many little entrepreneurs need somebody to blog for them, or, perform what some might call content management.

A blog, if utilized appropriately, can offer your customers some assistance with promoting their services without seeming like an attempt of sales pitch by teaching their audience about what it is that they offer.

Since maintaining a blog requires recurrence to be successful, you could be the individual to offer this administration. In this way, you can utilize Facebook as an instrument to find potential customers.

When you have discovered imminent customers, the following step would be for you to connect with them by means of delivery person.

You would introduce yourself and your services to them, and invite them to associate and connect with you in the event that they might want to know more about what you do. Along these lines, you don’t appear to be a spammer and you can realize what your prospects needs might be.

There you have it.

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